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Kids Voting Durham depends on the volunteer efforts of students, teachers, parents, local leaders, businesses and other who understand the importance of encouraging our young people to grow up to be committed and informed citizens. If you’d like to volunteer with Kids Voting, take a look at some of the opportunities below.

Adopt a Polling Place

One of our primary needs each year is finding individuals and groups to manage Kids Voting stations at Durham’s precincts on Election Day. This year, we still need volunteers to man many of our 2011 Polling Places.

If you are interested in volunteering your group’s efforts, call us at 919-560-7321 or contact us to get more information on how you can help. Here is what we would need form your group:

Step 1: Kids Voting staff can help you choose one or more precincts that are close to your home, school or organization.  Durham has over 55 polling sites that need to be adopted to give all our community’s kids a chance to participate.

Step 2: Your group then assigns a lead volunteer to serve as the Captain of the precinct you adopt.  The Precinct Captain will manage volunteers on and before Election Day, ensure that the polling site is set up and taken down, and serve as the primary contact for the precinct. The Captain will receive training and materials from Kids Voting so that they can, in turn, properly train their volunteers.

Step 3: Each adopted precinct will need 6 to 12 volunteers to manage the voting station from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM on Election Day as well as to set up the polling site, deliver ballots and help with tallying the votes.

If you are an individual volunteer, we welcome your efforts as well. Call us at 919-560-7321 or contact us to get more information on how you can help.

Donate to Kids Voting Durham and enjoy a tax deduction for investing in our community’s future.

Volunteer Spotlight: 

Alice Bumgarner

Alice Bumgarner has been a Kids Voting Durham volunteer for over four years. She is a freelance writer and mom with two elementary school- aged daughters and has been the Kids Voting Durham precinct captain at Watts Elementary since 2006. She joined the KVD Board a year ago.

For Alice,  Kids Voting Durham provides a welcome dose of enthusiasm for the democratic process. “I like seeing kids get excited about this process that many of us see as being so mundane.” she says. “… helping students prepare for this process that’s core to our democracy is really thrilling to me.”

She’s also learned a lot working with KVD. “When you set up a Kids Voting  booth, you’re right there with the precinct captain for your voting district. Those volunteer folks start early and they work, literally, all day so that we can have the privilege of voting… I’ve gained a lot of admiration for them.”

Her favorite part of the job? “I always love seeing the write-in votes on young kids’ ballots,” Alice says. “They tend to elect people like ‘Dad’ and ‘Cinderella,’ and I always think, ‘Yeah, why not?’ Kids have good instincts. If you talk to them about why they make the choices they do, you’ll hear some amazingly intelligent answers.”