About Us

We’re a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps young people discover their power as citizens. We offer activities, resources, and ideas to help students learn about voting and democracy, support teachers in the classroom, and engage families in active citizenship. 

Since 2000, Kids Voting Durham has been providing young people in Durham County with opportunities to vote on the same issues and candidates as adults on Election Day while  developing their leadership skills.


Why should kids vote?

First, they develop an appreciation and understanding of voting. They also gain the power they deserve. And we as a community gain involved, informed citizens.

Studies also show that when kids get excited about voting, their parents get excited, too. In fact, in communities where kids vote, adult turnout has been shown to rise by 3% to 10%.





Kids Voting Durham is a project of the Durham Cooperative Extension an affiliate of Kids Voting North Carolina and Kids Voting USA.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension is an educational partnership helping people put research-based knowledge to work for economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and an improved quality of life. The Durham County Center of NC Cooperative Extension offers programs in youth development, family and consumer education, community development, and agriculture and horticulture. For more information about the Durham County Center, call 919-560-0525 or visit its website at www.ncces.edu/durham.

Donate to Kids Voting Durham and enjoy a tax deduction for investing in our community’s future.

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Kids Voting Durham

Carolyn Kreuger
721 Foster St.
Durham, NC 27701
919-560-7321 (phone)
919-560-0530  (fax)

Kids Voting Durham Advisory Board

Kelvin Bullock

Durham Public Schools 

Kim Oberle
Durham Parks & Recreation
Omar Beasley 
Ronda Bullock
Donna Rewalt
Durham Cooperative Extension
J.C. Swansey
Steve Simos
Durham Board of Elections