Help ensure the future of democracy and civic engagement for our next generation through your tax-deductible contribution.  Your support reaches directly into our classrooms and community to build informed future voters and active citizens.

GIVE ONLINE to our Kids Voting Durham Enhancement Fudonatenownd through our partnership with the NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc. at NC State University:

Click Donate to make your secure donation using the credit card of your choice.  You can make your gift in honor of a special person or for a special occasion.

Kids Voting Durham offers services to all Durham public, charter, private, and homeschools and community youth and afterschool programs at no cost to educators or students. Thanks to the generous support of Durham County and the partnership of Durham business and volunteers, even a small donation to Kids Voting can have a bit impact and larger ones allow us to expand our reach:

  • Just $25 can provide ballots, I Voted stickers, candidate guides and teacher support for a Durham classroom.
  • $100 donation allows us to make at least 200 Youth Candidate Guides available in local libraries and other public venues.
  • $500 enables us to provide voting and civic activities, educator support, specialized civics lessons, and other resources to a community youth group or after school program for an entire year.

Or you can mail a contribution by check payable to the NC Agricultural Foundation/Kids Voting Durham to:

Kids Voting Durham
721 Foster St.
Durham, NC 27701

Fund raising efforts for the Durham County Kids Voting operates under the auspices of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit (tax id #56-6049304). You will receive an official receipt for the tax-deductible portion of your gift.



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