For Students

If you’re between the ages of 6 and 18, you can be part of Kids Voting Durham elections and vote for candidates just like your older family members do. You can let your voice be heard in other ways, too.

If you’re in elementary school…

  • Take part in a Kids Voting Durham election.
  • Work your way through the books on our Recommended Reading List, which are all available at the public library.
  • Attend special Kids Voting Durham events.

If you’re in middle school…

  • Vote in a Kids Voting Durham election.
  • Run a voting booth for younger students (with adult supervision).
  • Help your school organize or take part in a Kids Voting Durham event for an upcoming election.(Contact us about this one.)

If you’re in high school… 

  • Serve as role models for younger students by staffing Kids Voting Durham voting booths on Election Day.
  • Take part in Kids Voting Durham special events.
  • Lend your voice to our advisory campaigns (see middle section).
  • Register to vote, if you’re 16 or older, and be automatically eligible to vote at the polls when you reach voting age.
  • Sponsor a voter registration drive at your high school. 

Student Spotlight: Krista Katzenmeyer 

Krista is a senior at Durham School of the Arts and, as a member of DSA’s Octagon Community Service Club, has helped prepare candidate guides and questionnaires for several years, so students can learn about candidates and issues during Kids Voting Durham elections.

Krista also facilitated the April 2010 School Board Candidate Forum.

Thank you, Krista, for all you’ve done for Kids Voting Durham!


Donate to Kids Voting Durham and enjoy a tax deduction for investing in our community’s future.

Service Learning with Kids Voting Durham

Kids Voting Durham is here to help you make a difference — and possibly get school credit for it. Here are a handful of ways for you to step up as a leader and volunteer for Kids Voting Durham  while helping other young people understand and believe in the power they have as citizens:

1. Start a Kids Voting Durham chapter at your school. Use it as a way to encourage voter registration of students age 16 and older, increase awareness about elections, and provide feedback to  teachers and elected officials.

2. Be a Kids Voting Durham leader. You can be a part of our initiatives to make sure students have a voice in local government decisions, host “listening campaigns” for youth, and lead your peers in taking action on community issues.

3. Be a Kids Voting Durham reporter. Create nonpartisan candidate guides, and plan and implement candidate forums. Your materials could end up being distributed on our website and throughout Durham schools.

4. Be a Youth at the Booth. Manage a Kids Voting Durham voting booth at one of Durham’s 55 precincts or online at your school on Election Day. Help younger kids experience the power of voting.

To get started, contact Carolyn Kreuger at