Did you know that the number-one reason why kids grow up to vote is family influence? Help your child become an informed, active citizen — or even a future community leader.

We Can’t Do It Without You

Studies show that parents are the most powerful reason why children grow up to be voters and informed, active citizens. When they see you voting and speaking up about community issues, they become aware of their own worth and their right to be heard.

That’s why we encourage you to discuss political candidates with your children, and to take them with you when you vote.


How You Can Help

We also invite you to be part of other Kids Voting Durham efforts. For example

  • Help manage polling places on Elections Day.
  • Volunteer to set up, clean up and provide refreshments for special events like candidate forums or school programs.
  • Support your children when they volunteer for Kids Voting.
  • Serve as ambassadors to school who do not yet work with Kids Voting Durham.
  • Talk to PTA’s and other school groups about our activities and the possibilities for partnering with Kids Voting Durham.
  • Donate your talent, work in our office, or serve on one of our committees.
  • Identify local businesses and donors willing to be Kids Voting Durham sponsors.
  • Foster an appreciation of democracy in your child. See the links at right for ideas.

Donate to Kids Voting Durham and enjoy a tax deduction for investing in our community’s future.

Links for Parents:

Kids’ Reading List

Family “Democracy” Project Ideas

PBS Kids Democracy Project

Democracy Kids

Kids Voting NC

The Official Kid’s Portal to the U.S. Government

The NC Secretary of State’s Kid’s Page

Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

House of Representatives: Kids in the House

Patent and Trademark Office’s Kids Pages

Presidents of the United States

Senate: Art & History

Student Gateway to the U.S. Government

White House 101: Facts and Fun for All Ages


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