We operate on a shoestring budget at Kids Voting Durham and sponsors are an important part of our ability to reach as many kids as possible. If you’d like to be a sponsor, check out how you can be involved below.

Featured Sponsors: 

Thank You To Bull City Burger & Brewery


To learn more about Bull City Burger & Brewery please visit  http://www.bullcityburgerandbrewery.com/

Thank You To Elmo’s Diner

Elmo'sLogo600dpi    “Elmo’s Diner is committed to providing the very best food and service possible in a warm, friendly, clean setting. It is our responsibility to treat our customers and coworkers with respect and to conduct ourselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times. It’s not our goal to match industry standards in this regard; our goal is to set the standard and to become the model for others.”

To learn more about Elmo’s Diner please visit: http://elmosdiner.com/

Thank You to Measurement, Inc. 

Measurement Incorporated™ has been a major sponsor of Kids Voting Durham for several years and was the recipient of our 2009 Kids Voting Partnership Award in recognition their sponsorship of our ballots and scanning services — a contribution they are making once again this year.

MI is a great partner for Kids Voting Durham because it is a Durham-based company that shares our focus on kids, education and Durham’s schools. It is an employee-owned corporation that provides educational and professional examinations, program evaluation, and related services to state and local governments, other testing companies and various professional organizations.

Since its founding in 1980, it has earned a reputation as the industry leader in providing professional handscoring services for essays and open-ended exams. It had also steadily built its capabilities and expertise to include test development, scanning, scoring, score reporting, psychometric services, program evaluation, printing, administration, secure shipping and storage, professional development, tutoring and multimedia instructional support.

MI has always fostered a sense of pride and responsibility in its employees toward the communities in which they live. The company participates in and supports programs involving student and employee education and enrichment, health and wellness, literacy, arts, historic preservation, community revitalization and support for the disadvantaged and disabled. Kids Voting Durham is grateful to be one of the organizations it supports!

Sponsor Benefits

If you run a business or lead an organization in the Durham area, sponsoring Kids Voting Durham activities is a great way to raise your visibility in the community, demonstrate you care about Durham, reach a local family audience and enjoy a tax-deduction at the same time! Plus, as a nonpartisan group, we are an appropriate choice for groups interested in fostering civic engagement without taking sides. Finally, our focus on younger people is a great investment in the future of our community.

You can choose to sponsor a specific activity, such as an election or candidate forum, or you can make a general donation and let us put the money to work where it will do the most good. Either way, you will be recognized on our website and in our materials and be included in all press releases and publicity.For more information on becoming a sponsor of Kids Voting Durham, please contact Carolyn Kreuger at 919.560.7321.

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